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Unfortunately, it's not always easy to fit your furry into your suitcase or briefcase, and it can be very disconcerting to leave them in a strange place with people they don't know. As a result, more and more people like yourself are that in- is the best option for their .  Whether going out of town, or wanting to make sure gets out for during the day, it is comforting to know that is in familiar surroundings and will be and sound until your .  At Pinnacle Pet And House Sitting we a wide from daily visits and walks to in-home care, and miscellaneous activities.  Let's just say we have you covered from whiskers to tail!
Some of the of in-home care include:
  • customized
  • personalized attention
  • stress-free environment
  • maintaining regular feeding and
  • immediate response and action if display unusual behavior or appear ill
  • theft/burglary deterrent
Regardless of your reason for choosing a professional , the reality is that you need to have a level of comfort, flexibility, and with that individual. At Pinnacle Pet And House Sitting we strive to exceed your expectations; we fully recognize that you are entrusting us with the care of your precious family members, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We are experienced and highly trained and believe strongly in the human-animal bond, and honor that bond by treating your precious pets as if they are our very own - with lots and lots of and affection!
We are , OR please feel to call us at 1-541-255-6573 or us at KimRitchie@pinnaclepetandhousesitting.com to a in-home consultation or go to our page to provide us with your and we will you shortly.  While we have several on our , we will be happy to provide you with references upon . We look forward to hearing from you!
 Please ask about our December Specials.
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